Hatfield-McCoy Mountains
Rooted in history and coal mining heritage, the Hatfield-McCoy Mountains will bring you a little closer to Appalachian culture through beautiful craggy mountains, outdoor adventure and true West Virginia strength.
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  • The area commemorates the history and culture of the coal industry, including company towns, tipples and depots.
  • Natural beauty, rich history and outdoor recreation abound at West Virginia State Parks. Mountain resorts, cozy cabins and wide-open campsites await.
  • In the town of Matewan, the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum sits at the site of a historic battle that erupted in May of 1920, setting into motion a chain of events that led to the largest armed uprising in the United States since our civil war. Over 10,000 people from many different cultures joined together and rose up, fighting for basic human rights, labor justice, their lives, and their families.